Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants

Starting a new business as an immigration consultant you should start by looking at the requirements outlined by the ICCRC. The IICRC is the national regulatory body authorized by the government of Canada under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) to safeguard consumers. They have a ton of information that will prove essential for your consultations in the immigration industry. When you’re chasing the same clients for your immigration consulting services, you can’t afford to be mediocre. This is just like being a marketer for any other kind of company where you have to stand above others who are selling the same products. As long as you get the fundamentals of relationship marketing down, you can stack the deck in your favour. There are many ways to express this concept, of which this is just one. Members of ICCRC are known as Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs), Persons wishing to become a RCIC or RISIA must complete an accredited training program, an exam set by ICCRC, and high entry-to-practice requirements. They must then meet annual professional requirements that include additional hours of professional development as well as mandatory courses developed and taught by ICCRC.

You will spend more time than you care on activities that are not directly related to marketing or finding clients. The more clients that you get, the more admin work you will have to do. Get help early on and it’s fine if they are inexpensive freelancers or VA’s. There are a lot of ways to do this, but take your time and hire slowly as the saying goes. Even if you have just one client, have a least one person to help you in whatever way.

This is a sound approach because once you get busy, you will not have the time to shop around for hired help. Once immigration picks up, you should have someone in place that is trained to do their job. It is very natural for clients and consultants to clash in regard to the decisions made and advice that is given. Major disagreements on immigration philosophies and marketing strategies may arise between you and your clients, so choose your clients wisely. But if you find yourself in this kind of situation, keep your cool and remind yourself of several things. It’s not about feeding your ego, but making money. Keep this in mind! So if you have a tendency of always needing to be right because you have an alpha type personality, don’t let this get in the way. By remaining professional, and non emotional, your client can make decisions and everything will be fine.

When it comes to larger companies and projects, the final decisions are always going to be made with different managers in different departments. Your goal, in such a situation, would be to find the primary project manager. It is imperative that you have this info before you begin to work with this company for this reason. It may come down to doing something for the project, or moving forward in some shape or form. Always remember that every manager, plus the person that makes the key decisions, has an agenda. You need to make friends with the people at the top, so when you need to make a tough decision, they will be by your side.

In conclusion, doing immigration consulting can be a lucrative and fun business in which you have to do things right. Learning the ropes, and becoming proficient at it, is necessary. This is, of course true, for every other business as well. whether it is  immigration as well. If you are able to do the work, and do it well, people will refer customers to you building your reputation up in a positive way. It is definitely possible to create a successful immigration consulting immigration. Good luck and have fun!